Where to find Offline Videos? Know about .v3.exo file!

  Hello guys, generally files downloaded in any browser like google are saved in either on your SD card or Phone storage. But, Youtube and OTT platforms like netflix, amazon prime, hotstar are having offline downloading mode.

  Normally, we are allowed only to watch those videos through the considering Apps. But we don't need network connection to watch those videos. Then, where it is stored? never seen in storoge files?

How offline videos are stored?

  Let's check with our dearest friend YOUTUBE, whenever we save a video as offline thing, youtube saves it as chunk files.

  Now an question knocked your brain, "What is Chunk File?" - A chunk file is a encrypted and separated form of a complete file.

  For Example, When you download an 400 MB video file, youtube separates it into 80 different files (Size about 5 MB) and saved in .v3.exo format. (an encrypted one)

  No other app than Youtube can open this file and when you open this file, youtube combine these files, decrypt it and play.

How Netflix,Amazon do this?

  Guys, they do the same method of encryption to their contents.

Find these files in your mobile storage!

Go Phone Storage






A random name folder (e.g. xWodjfQf4) open the recently created folder


open any folder named by NUMBER (e.g.1,2,3....).

There you can see .v3.exo file. Encrypted One!
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