6 ways to create webp

Hey there! Website Picture commonly known as WEBP is a popular and suggested format for using photos on a website. JPEG and PNG are consuming lots of data and decreases page speed. While, webp format pictures are data savers and also maintain some equal quality. Below are 6 different software, websites and android application used to convert a jpeg or png format picture to a webp format picture.

For Windows PC

1. File Converter
file converter software

It is my favourite software that comes with lots of formatting options. Audio to video, one video format to another, image to image like so many matters is available. You don't need to open the software every time.

Just right-click the image you want to convert, there you will see the "File Converter" option. On hovering the option, other image formats are shown. Now, select the WEBP format. That's all. The webp format type image will be in the same folder in few seconds.

Likewise, you can convert any other files (video, audio, documents etc) to your need.

2. Format Factory
formar factory webp converting

Format Factory is my second favourite. You need to run the software to convert a file. This is the reason for putting it in second place. Now, at the left sidebar menu, you can see the various media types and each media holds a different format.

To convert an image to WEBP, go to the image section and select WEBP format. Now, drag and drop the file or add files directly. Click the "Nut" icon to adjust the output file settings. After finishing the setup click the "Start" green button in the top menu bar. Viola! Your file is ready.

File Converting Websites

1. webp-converter.com

This website is dedicatedly created for webp format conversion. There is only one AD is placed in between. Upload the image, set the quality and hit convert. Your file will be automatically downloaded after conversion.

2. Cloudconvert.com

Cloud Convert website has a huge amount of converting options. It's an online version of Windows PC software. First, you have to set the convert format. Like PNG to WEBP or JPEG to WEBP. Then upload the image and adjust the settings as you need. Now, convert and download the converted image.

Android WEBP Converter Apps

1. WEBP Image Converter

For android devices, there are lots of webp converter applications are available but I picked only two. This app has a minimal interface. Just an image selection button and quality setting slider. After done with all the steps, hit the convert option. The images are saved in the folder named "WEBP converter".

webp converter for mobile
2. WEBP Converter, JPG to WEBP, PNG to WEBP

This app got an extra option that you can convert a webp image into a pdf, jpg, png, etc. Also, you can access the converted files through the app. The folder option is given in the centre. Ad is the only reason, I'm putting it in the second place.

That's all buddies! Hope you liked the information. Keep in touch, bye.


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