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I used many code editors but this one has the thing I needed. Coding on mobile is not easy as on a computer. The main disadvantage of writing code on mobile is the keyboard options. We have to change the keyboard layout or switch to the number/special character section for inputting HTML tags.

To overcome the keyboard problem, an app named TrebEdit introduces an extra keyboard like layer in the editing pad. You can see the tab at the bottom of the application (refer to screenshot). This tab can be changed according to the language you are writing.

Available in PlayStore.

TrebEdit is an AD free application. Some advanced features are limited to subscribed members.

On the opening page, recent files and menu options are shown. Menu option opens into other options such as Text editor, Workspace and Get source code.

Code Editing App

Text editor

This is the writing pad. Here you can create the file and save it as .html or .css or .js. Frequently needed tags are given at the bottom tab. On the left side, HTML is present. Tap it to switch to other languages. Also, there is an "arrow" button on the right side. It has the undo, redo, and colour picker tools.

editing code trebedit


Files created in the trebedit app are available there. Also, you can folder the projects separately. On long pressing a file, export, rename, delete and compress options are popped.

TrebEdit Workspace

Using the "+" button at the bottom you can create a new folder, a new file and import an image and videos from the device.

Get Source Code

It is an exciting feature. Enter the URL of any website and hit the enter. The source code of the entered URL will be on your screen in seconds. You can also edit the source by clicking "Open in Editor". It is useful to get the CSS elements from other sites.


The settings tab is accessed through the "three dashes" present on the opening page.

settings screenshot

Editor settings

Every customizing option is given. From choosing the font size to autocomplete. But some features are only available to subscription members.

Console settings

By default, error and warning messages are enabled. The information (info) option can be enabled if needed.

Storage location

Separate paths are chosen for workspace and export. Both can be modified to your needs.


Buddies! I'm ending this. This coding editing app is one of the best ones. Check it out and please share your feedback in the comment section.

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