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Write a Daily Diary using Diary With Lock App - Easy interface

Hey there!
This blog is about the diary app which is easy to use and convenient for beginners. It's a simple concept of keeping notes of your daily routine or happened things. You can also add emojis and other interesting things. Now, look into the appearance.


As you know it is a simple one, the homepage has a vector drawing of a diary and pen. The default colour theme of this app is pink and you have the option to change it. At the bottom right corner, the "page adding" symbol is given. By clicking it, you will open the diary page where you keep your thoughts and emotions.

Diary Page

Divided into three sections - Date, Title and Content. You can change the date of the page.

The Toggle menu is located at the top right corner. You can sign up for backup if you need it.

Colour and Style

This is the next big thing in this app. You can able to change the colour of the app (default is pink), text size and font family. The format in which the date is to be shown on the homepage can be changed according to your preference.

Get the "Diary With Lock" in Playstore.

That's all friends. Thank You!!

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