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4 Unknown Options in MS Office Word - i Know Tamil

Microsoft Office WORD is an important application in all fields. Mainly for documentation and communication purposes. MS Word has many options and shortcuts which are all not known by all. This post talks about, 4 useful and interesting options given in the HOME tab of MS Word. Let's get started.

Confused? In simple, shading is nothing but adding a background colour to a text. You can selectively add colours by selecting the words/letters you needed.

This option is given in the "Paragraph" section (colour bucket symbol) and by clicking it you can see the colour palette.

First, select the line or word or letter you need to add a background colour and then choose the colour. That's it.

This can be used to differentiate the heading from the content. Used in a resume or CV.

The next thing to the shading option is the border. It is used to add borderline to a line or word. It looks almost like a "Table". But the table cannot come in continue with the text. This can be overcome by this border option.

Select the line of interest and then choose the border option. In the border option, four sides are separately given and a complete box option is also given.

Erase Format
It is in the "font and format" section. It's like an erasing tool, using this you can clear the applied styles (font, colour, bold, highlight, size etc) on the text. It simply puts back a text in the normal condition.

In default (10pt), space has been left between one paragraph and another. But sometimes people think that the default space is either high or low. So, to change increase or decrease the space between the two paragraphs "Line Spacing Option" is given.

Go to the "Line Height" option and click "Line Spacing Option". Now see the image given below. Set value for "after" - space to be left after a paragraph and "before" - space to be left before a paragraph.

You can also set different values for each paragraph by selecting a particular one.

That's all for today! Thank You, Peeps.💜

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