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Galarm Best Alarm App for Task Reminding | Heavy Sleepers

Alarm 🚨!! How many are irritated to hear that word? I know everyone does. But there's no way to wake us in the morning so an alarm is an inevitable one. Galarm, is an alarm come task reminder app, the unique feature that made me write about it is "Group Alarm".

How Galarm Looks Like?
Galarm has a simple UI/UX. The details are neatly presented and not so much of clustered settings menu. This is an advantage it but at the same time, the UI is not like current trend apps (curvey tabs like).

How to set an alarm in GALARM app?
Bottom Menu is available, in that notification, settings, group alarm are given. By pressing the "+" icon, you can create an alarm. A quick reminder option is also available which is another super good feature. Default timing like 5mins, 10 mins, etc is provided which makes the process easier.

Galarm Settings
The sound and Vibrations tab has the look of normal alarm settings. You can change the ringtone volume, song, snooze time etc.

Ring Alarms Without Accepting option is used for automatic or manual accepting of group alarm or buddy alarm. If it is enabled, all alarms set in a group can ring without your concern but if it is disabled you can accept or reject the alarm whenever set by other people's (friends) in your group.

What is the use of Galarm Contacts Sync?
On your first time itself, the alarm app asks your permission to access your contacts of you. Everyone uses an alarm by login with their mobile number. If anyone in your contact (friends) is using alarm you can see their name/id in the contacts tab.

Group Alarm can only be created with friends using alarm by login with their mobile number.

Hope you liked it! It is better to try rather than think. So why waste time? Get Started My Friend!💯😉

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