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ReadEra - Good eBook Reader | Preview and Tutorial

Do you read books? Then you will need this App. It's s name, Read Era. There are not many advertisements. And it is better because it is given maximum settings. And its appearance is very beautifully designed. Once this app is installed on your phone it will first scan all the PDF and text files on your phone and show you how many files are in your storage and what kind of files are there.

Readera app post

Home Screen

When you open the app, the last book you read will be displayed there.  If newly installed it will be empty there.

Filter Settings

When you click on the three lines at the top left, there will be settings to separate the books on your phone based on its information.
The settings of this app are given at the end.

General Settings

The option to scan first is given in General Settings.  This app will scan all the books on your phone.  You can use this whenever you want.

Second, the Backup and Restore option is given.

Every time you open this app, the previously read book should open automatically, just like the option, there is a third.

Reading Settings

The first one is to determine what the option to move from one page to the next should be.  Once inside, you can determine how your page's turn, both horizontally and vertically.  Various animation options are given for this.  Similarly, you can move from one page to another using your volume buttons.

Second, full-screen mode is given.

You can increase or decrease the screen brightness by swiping with your fingers.  The option is given here.

Also, Day/night mode option, Multi-document view option is given there.

Page View

Once a book is opened, a slider is given above it to increase or decrease the light of the screen.  At the bottom is a slider to go to any other page of the book.

One of the settings is given on the top right-hand side.  It has flip settings, colour mode and options for margin or not.

Similarly, there is an option to mark the page you want while you are reading.  For this, you need to touch the top right corner of the screen.

I think you will like this reading app. Need more app reviews like this, follow "I Know Tamil"

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