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Best Fast and Free Duplicate File Finder and Remover

Believe it or not we all copy the same pictures without knowing it. This is an unavoidable problem. But there is a solution. That's Auslogic's Duplicate File Finder 9. It is a duplicate file finder and remover, also, it is compatible with windows 10 & 11. In this blog, I'm going to give you a short tour of Auslogic's Duplicate File Finder application.

Home screen

Opening the app reveals to you the top bar settings and other related & developed software by Auslogics.

Exclude Disk Drives
If you prefer to scan a particular disk or folder, then there is an option (Refer Image - Folder Excluder) to select/deselect the folder/disk to exclude and include in the scan.

Select File Type
Say you need to find duplicate pictures in your disk, for that you don't need to waste your time by looking for duplicates in all types of files. To ease that process, one more filtering option is also provided there, by using this you can look up a duplicate of a particular file format.


Just click the Options & Settings drop-down menu, and select "Settings".


Here, the basic close "X" option function selection is given. Then, you can also start this application on windows start-up if you want. Tray notification settings and ADs settings are also given.


After completion of the scan, the files are listed out. On selecting a file, its preview has been shown in the right side like in windows explorer. That option can be optimized according to your taste.

Ignore Lists

A list of files ignored for scanning can be identified. Some techie files needed for the smooth working of OS and software are omitted from detecting. So, leave it as it is.


Change language if you need.


In this section, previous scan reports can be accessed. Also, your own PC live performance report is also presented there. In my POV, it is an unwanted thing because windows themselves provide the necessary details.

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