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4 Best Chrome Extension for Students to Read Efficiently

Exam preparation is now largely done on the internet rather than in a library or a local study room.

The majority of the information you'll need is available on the internet, ready to be read and learned, which is why there are extensions that can assist you in capturing the substance of a book. Here are a few examples.

1. Google Dictionary
When you type "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" or any other complicated word and "meaning" into your Google search, you'll get Google Dictionary — and the Google extension allows you discover the meaning of words right in the text where you find them.

Simply double-click a word to bring up a small pop-up bubble; utilise the toolbar dictionary to see the full definition.

You can keep track of the words you look up in Google Dictionary and practise them until you understand them.

2. Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader allows you to concentrate on your online reading assignments by removing any distracting advertisements and pop-ups that prevent you from entering full concentration mode.

You'll be able to modify the size and typeface of the text you're reading, as well as change the page's general theme and optimise it for printing.

Because of a poorly-placed ad, this plugin will reduce the possibilities of clicking on an online game only because the ad for it appeared — and wasting hours playing games instead of studying.

Well, not for the folks who planted it, but for you and your concentration.

3. Visor

Visor is a reading aid and screen dimmer designed to help you reduce eye strain and improve attention while reading.

The extension also causes a moveable highlighted area of the text on a web page, as the name implies. You can slide through articles to concentrate your attention on specific sections of the text, similar to how you would gaze through a helmet visor.

Because it encourages you to focus on the text gradually, in bite-size bits, this feature reduces the chances of skipping lines and missing the point of a text you're reading.

4. Alpha Text

Alpha Text is all about making text readable – you'll be able to alter and personalise the appearance of web articles to make them more appealing, better formatted, and less cluttered — and thus easier to read.

You'll have access to a variety of text customization options, including font size and style, text colour, and preset style profiles that you can create and utilise with a single click.

This plugin is useful if you want to use a study paper but don't want to spend 45 minutes reading blocks of text to obtain the information you need.

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