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7 Best Alternatives For Windows File Explorer in 2022

As a Windows user, I do think that the in-built file managing application, Windows File Explorer is not so good for all. The main thing is, that it takes a long time to search for a particular file. I hope you also experienced it. To fill your hands with solutions I came up with the 7 best alternatives for windows file explorer.

1.Directory Opus
Directory Opus is the ideal file manager if you wish to completely replace Windows File Explorer. It is fully integrated into Windows and will open Directory Opus instead of File Explorer or a folder whenever you open File Explorer or a folder. The software can also be launched through the context menu.

This file manager also offers a dual-window interface that allows you to open two directories at once and move and manage data with ease. You can, for example, use a single click to hide/unhide files, search right inside the window, archive files even if they are in different folders, and get admin permission.

A 60-day fully functional trial period is available for free. You'll need to upgrade to the Light or Pro version after that.

2. Explorer++
Explorer++ gives your Windows files and folders a browser-like experience. It functions similarly to a browser in that it creates folders in tabs that you may handle separately.

You can simply move files and folders between tabs, duplicate tabs, and close them all at once. The software also uses drag-and-drop capability to transport data between other apps (including Windows File Explorer).

To close or open a tab, utilise browser shortcuts such as Ctrl+W or Ctrl+T.

3. FileVoyager
FileVoyager is yet another file manager featuring dual-window capabilities and tabs to make data management and transfer easier. It is, however, unlike the others on our list, absolutely free to use. Its dual-window design also provides some additional capabilities.

The 3D panel at the top of the windows, which displays icons and folders with 3D effects, is more prominent. It may not be particularly useful, but it displays content-filled folders to make navigation easier. Inside the windows, there is a preview tab that allows you to see a full glimpse of the files inside. FileVoyager

4. Q-Dir
It doesn't have a lot of extra features, but it does include four windows where you may open and manage folders. Basic file movement commands are supported by Q-Dir, which is also entirely free. It's worth checking out if you prefer quad-windows.

5. Total Commander
For Windows 10, a sophisticated file manager is available. Although Total Commander's UI isn't very attractive, its extensive functionality and two file windows make file management a breeze. The main interface comprises of two windows in which you can open two directories and easily exchange and manage files.

To easily move between directories, you can change the view of each window and even add side panels to each. There's also an intriguing feature that allows you to view all of the files in a directory in a single window, which can be useful when managing a specific sort of file.

6. Xplorer ²
xplorer² is another excellent choice that is both simple and effective. It has the same dual-window interface as most, but it has more customization options and some unique side features. The ability to open another panel immediately inside a window to go to subfolders without losing access to the primary folder is a notable feature.

7. XYplorer
If you prefer tabbed browsing and a dual-window experience, XYplorer is the way to go. It lists folders in two vertical windows, and you may add more folders by opening tabs, just like a browser. A directory panel on the right side allows you to rapidly access folders within windows and tabs.

The top of the screen features large buttons for doing fundamental activities rapidly, and the context menu has a number of additional choices such as file comparison, copy path, and a sophisticated paste function. It, like other programmes, offers a 30-day free trial period after which you must upgrade to the commercial version in order to continue using it.

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